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Luxury Collection Gift Basket

$247.00 Ex Tax: $214.78
  • Product Code: CH B3 Luxury Collection Assembly
  • Availability: 2-3 Days


This Large Modern Gift Basket is over flowing with festive cheer with sweets and treats for the whole family. A great way to say Thanks for your effort, Thanks for your support or simply Happy Holidays! Contents of the hamper include:

Christmas Cake Slice
Luxury Fruit Pudding Slice
Dried Fruit Mix
Tealia Ceylon Black Tea
Mini Nougat Bar
Coconut Crispy Rolls
Christmas Blend Coffee
Campbells Petticoat Tails
Stoneless Olives
Hot Chocolate
Tomato Grissini
Hamlet Excellent Chocolates
Cheddar and Poppyseed Wafers
Fudge Cottage Fudge
Indian Bombay Mix
Christmas Mince Pies 8 Pack
Sundried Tomato Spread
Cocktail Gherkins
Dark Choc Covered Fruit
Flake Truffles
Christmas Candy Cane
Waipara West Sauvignon Blanc
Waipara West Ram Paddock Red
(Non alcoholic option available on request)
Modern Lined Wicker Basket